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Team Building & Leadership Training

Strategies for Balance, Connection, and Purpose

Everyone wants to be heard, to belong, and to be valued.  How we connect with ourselves, other people, and the world around us plays a big part in the quality of our lives, and ultimately our happiness.  Horses offer us insight and wisdom as we explore what it takes to create balance, connection, and purpose as individuals within groups.  Being HEARD while being HERD is what Team Building & Leadership training is all about.

Our Being Herd program is a chance for individuals and groups to explore new strategies for improving the quality of thier outcomes through their own choices. 

Our horses become your team memebers for a day in a judgement-free environment that invites experimentation, creativity, and sharing ideas.  You'll learn to communicate with self-awareness, courage, and clarity, to influence without force, and to invest in "connection" as your first step toward your goals.

 Team Building 2

Each learning experience is unique, authentic, and unscripted.  These are genuine interactions with animals who value the same things that we do in our relationships.  Our horses don't care wether you are a CEO or a single mother.  They will respond to you with the same honesty and opportunities to connect.  

Our Facilitators will guide the activities, see to everyone's safety, and lead short group discussions as the sessions unfold.  However, the horses are the real teachers in this co-creative experience.  We invite you to join us for a fun mini-adventure as we explore the nature of Being Herd with horses. 


1.5 Hour Discovery Activities - $75 per person

3 Hour Skill Building Workshop - $150 per person

Grants may be available to pay your group's participation fees. Contact us for more information.


Temporarily Suspended due to COVID-19 Social Distancing

Team Building & Leadership Training services will resume when it's safe for us to gather as a group again. 

Team Building & Leadership Training

Your Facilitators

Maria E. Smith
Maria E. SmithEAD Facilitator / Equine Professional