Equine Assisted Life Coaching

Find the Clarity & Courage to Transform Your Life!

Our world is changing at an overwhelming rate, and it's easy to feel LOST, STUCK, & STRESSED.  Balancing family, relationships, work, school, health, and social connection is a tall order for most mere mortals.  And if you throw in a career change, a move, a marriage/divorce, or health concerns... well, that's enough to make a super hero hide under their cape. 

This program offers a chance to regroup, to be seen & heard, and guidance to help people gather their thoughts and take charge of their life.  We start by connecting with the amazing energy of a horse to encourage inner stillness and a problem solving mindset.  From there we go on to discover each person's strengths, purpose, passion, and path to their extraordinary life.

Coaching for Children & Young Adults

Life Experience Through Horsemanship Principles

Young people need extra support more than ever.  They are trying to adapt to overwhelming change at the same time they are figuring out where they fit into this world, developing a sense of self-worth and confidence, and wondering what their future might look like.  I am passionate about investing in our next generation by helping young people grow into strong, compassionate, engaged community members and leaders. 

I use heart-centered horsemanship as a stage to let young people play out their beliefs, values, and decision making skills.  They learn valuable life lessons, character building, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills through working toward meaningful goals with horses.

Who Benefits From Equine Assisted Coaching?

Anyone Who Wants More Out of Life!

Families & Couples Facing Challenges

Individuals Navigating Life Changes

Men & Women Veterans

At-Risk Teens / Students

Women Needing Support/Guidance

Professionals & Leaders


Single Coaching Session

  • 1 hr Private Session
  • Individual or Family/Group
  • Indoor facility available for year round sessions.

FREE Clarity Session

  • 1 Hour Intake Session
  • FREE for new clients
  • No Obligation
  • at Benson Oaks Farm

5 Session Package

  • SAVE $100 when you buy a package!
  • 5 Sessions for Individual, Family, or Group
  • Packages good for 5 months after purchase date.

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Courageous Life Coaching LLC

About Maria

EAD Facilitator/Strategic Intervention Coach

Maria E Smith

Hi! I'm Maria E Smith.  I'm a Strategic Intervention Life & leadership Coach, as well as a master horsewoman of 30 years.  When I founded Equestrian Arts Foundation in 2004, I knew that people and horses had the ability to help each other learn, heal, and grow in ways that aren't easily expressed.  My jouney has been to find ways to facilitate this amazing gift in a way that honors both people and horses in the process.

I've made it my personal mission to improve the quality of life for people and horses by bringing them together so that they both become "more."  We are here to change the world two heartbeats at a time.  

I have combined my background in Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Behavior Change Strategies, and Holistic Health with Strategic Intervention Coaching.  I completed my coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training under my teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha. 

Each of my sessions combines the best of Equine Assisted Development and Strategic Intervention for a unique, authentic coaching experience co-created by the client and a special horse.



Equine Assisted Life Coaching is available for Men, Women, and Children (ages 12 - 18). Coaching empowers people to improve the quality of every area of their lives, unleash their potential, and achieve their goals.