We want to make compassionate, science-based horsemanship easy to find and easy to understand. 


Because we believe...

  • dummy that people love their horses and wouldn't use forceful training methods if they knew another way.
  • dummythat it is actually easier to learn facts and get measurable results, than to struggle to make sense of opinions, dogma, and half-truths in horsemanship.
  • dummythat if dog people are smart enough to use learning theory, horse people are, too!

Our Horsemanship Education program teaches horse people how to put the connection with their horse first and to use knowledge to acheive horsemanship goals instead of force.

This program is dedicated to sharing that knowledge through clinics, workshops, demonstrations, and e-learning courses.  And we offer a safe, supportive learning space to horse-lovers of all riding discaplines, levels, and ages.