The Horses We Help

Training Tarp Squeeze 300x211We don't operate a horse rescue for starved or abandoned horses.  The horses that we help are often in good weight and turned over to us by their owners, who are at a loss for what to do with them.  The horses are generally described as "problem horses", dangerous, unpredictable, or hard to control, and everyone agrees that the situation is beyond being helped by a few lessons or a training DVD.

They are either extreme personalities who are incompatible with traditional training programs, or they have been mishandled/abused in the past.  They've become unsuitable or unsafe partners for their owners, yet they aren't candidates for sale or re-homing.  We are often the last chance at a normal, healthy life for these horses. 

What we offer is an opportunity for horses who need more than just food and love to get back on track.  We offer a very specialized rehabilitation program for the troubled horse's mind, body, and spirit. 



The rehabilitation of each horse includes:

  • Expert training by our resident horse specialist, Maria Elizabeth Smith
  • Integration into herd life, as soon as safely possible
  • A natural living environment with 24/7 (when possible) ability to move freely and access forage
  • Natural hoof care
  • Chiropractic and Body bodywork gymnasticsWork
  • Dental Care
  • Vet Care, as needed
  • A new vocation that suits the horse and their individual strengths
  • Time to decompress, to learn, to accept, to connect, and to find their natural balance



As far as we're concerned, every horse that we take in has a home with us as long as they need us.  However, once a horse has found mental, emotional, and physical balance, they may be ready for a more personal connection than they'll find with us.  If that's the case, we will help the horse find their perfect match and forever home.

Every horse is offered to their perfect match with FREE TRAINING.  Potential partners for our horses are required to go through at least 30 hours of training and lessons with the horse prior to taking them home.  In many cases, we'll offer up to 90 days of free training for the right match.  Every case is handled on an individual bases.  More than anything, we want happy endings!



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