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CN mind body soul flyerWell-meaning misinformation, outdated tradition, and forceful training techniques of horses are a real problem in many areas of the horse industry.

Our goal is to be a reliable source of compassionate, science-based, useful information for horse lovers of all disciplines.  Our Horsemanship Education program is here to show people how to build rewarding relationships with thier horses by using gentle training techniques that work.

We are here to show that great horsemanship is not magic, and it's not reserved for gifted riders on world-class horses.  All it takes is a bit of knowledge about how horses actually learn and how we can set them up to succeed.  The best part is that it works the same for all riding discaplines, all horses, and all levels of horsemanship.


What Do We Teach?

Horse Behavior - How horses naturally live, think, learn, and communicate.

Half Pass Phoenix 450x338Horse-keeping for Wellness -   What horses need mentally, emotionally, and physically to thrive. (living conditions, nutrition, hoof care, herd management, etc.)

Horse Training -  How to use psychology and positive reward as your primary training tool, instead of physical force.  How to set up learning situations as puzzles for a horse, so that they can solve problems and learn from their experiences.

Bio-Mechanics - How horses & people use their bodies according to their Anatomy, Balance, Posture, and Energy.  Why some training methods develop horses into athletes, while others destroy their bodies.

Anatomy & Physiology - Learning about how the horse's body works helps us to keep our horses healthy and choose the right training techniques. And it helps us to heal what's broken.

Classical Gymnastics - Training techniques and gymnastic exercises designed to systematically train and condition a horse as an athlete.  This is not a sport, yet it applies to all sports.  It's general gymnastic training for horses.



Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.~ Maya Angelou



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