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CN logo feather through name 350x125px light"I have spent my entire adult life as a horse trainer and riding instructor, and I have taken on these roles as a "seeker of truth" and an advocate of the horse first and foremost.  In my 30+ years as a professional, I have specialized in multiple types of competition, behaviorism, natural horsemanship, and classical horsemanship.  I learned a great deal from each of these, and I also learned that none of them has all of the answers.  Well-meaning ignorance, half-truths, and stubborn defense of outdated information get mixed up with the gems of truth and wisdom that they offer.

My goal is to help horse lovers of all disciplines sort through the facts and fiction of horsemanship, while improving the quality of life for thier horses."

~ Maria Elizabeth Smith


For the BodyWhat Do You Teach?

Horse Behavior - Information about how horses naturally live, think, learn, and communicate.

Learning Theory - The psychology of learning.  How to use psychology to shape behavior in an animal or person.  (i.e. clicker training, gaming, etc.)

Bio-Mechanics - The mechanical laws of how living things move according to their Structure, Balance, Posture, and Energy.

Anatomy & Physiology - How the horse's body functions and how it responds to physical and emotional events in training and rehabilitation.

Classical Gymnastics - Time-tested training program designed to systematically improve a horse's physical condition as an athlete. (This is not a sport)

NOTE: It's important to remember that science is evolving. As researchers invent more powerful equipment and ways of measuring things, new discoveries are made.  We need to let go of outdated information and be open to things we never thought possible. 


"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."  ~ Maya Angelou


Equestrian Arts Foundation offers educational workshops, horse health seminars, horse training services, and horsemanship lessons.  

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