Equestrian Arts Foundation has two primary objectives in the area of horsemanship education...


  1. To promote an equestrian culture that prioritizes a harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership with the horse.

    Nate Through Trot 450x338We believe that the mental, emotional, and physical development of a horse and rider for the purpose of skillful, artistic expression is a thing of incredible beauty and a noble pursuit.

    We want to demonstrate that competition with the right attitude can be fun and give valuable feedback about our learning progress.  However, the feedback is only valuable if it is grounded in ethics and technical correctness.

    Providing educational opportunities and a social setting where those values are encouraged and rewarded is our contribution.  Our guiding principle in this mission is to leave everyone better than we found them.  ...horses and humans.

  2. To preserve the teachings of Classical Equitation in the French Tradition.

    Phoenix TrotInHand 450x338Classical French Equitation has contributed to horsemanship worldwide, since the height of its practice at the Palace of Versailles in the 1500’s.  It is known for its compassionate training methods and its emphasis on balance, lightness, and brilliance.

    With a strong foundation in science, this style of horsemanship offers a more elegant, intellectual approach to the education of horse and rider.

    The current American horse culture leans heavily toward "using" the horse for competition and entertainment.  The teachings of the European classical masters are in danger of being lost to future generations. We believe that the principles of classical equitation are worth preserving and sharing.


CN logo feather through name 350x125px lightHorsemanship education services are provided by Maria Elizabeth Smith of Classical Naturally.  EAF has partnered with Classical Naturally to offer a variety of events and learning opportunities, such as Riding Lessons, Horse Training, Horsemanship Clinics, Schooling & Fun Shows, Public Demonstrations, and Working Student positions.

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Classical Equitation

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handsEquestrian Arts Foundation is looking for a few dedicated individuals who are interested in being a part of our vision.  If you have time and/or expertise that you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you!  Contact Us.