Hallie CatNew Beginnings!

Our Volunteers have always been the heart and soul of Equestrian Arts Foundation.  As a matter of fact, EAF has no paid employees.  When necessary, we pay professional contractors to perform specialized jobs.  Other than that, our voluteers are the heads, hearts, and hands that keep our mission moving forward.

Equestrian Arts Foundation was founded in Dayton, OH in 2004; however, because of relocation we are beginning again as a "start up" in the Columbus, OH area.  This means that we are building a new family of volunteers in a new community from the ground up.  We are pretty excited!  Who doesn't love fresh new beginnings?!


Who Can Volunteer?

We welcome all adults who have a desire to contribute!  If there are young people who would like to contribute, as well, we ask that they be 13 years old or older and team up with one of their parents to volunteer together.


We Need:

  • Volunteer BoothLeaders & Organizers - We need a handful of peolpe who want to make a significant impact and play a major role in the operation of EAF.  These people are worth their weight in gold in terms of generosity, skill sets, dedication, and drive.  You know who you are.  We're waiting for you!

    Volunteer CoordinatorEvent Coordinator - Social Media & Advertising Coordinator

  • A Treasurer - Equestrian Arts Foundation needs a Treasurer.  This is an officer position on our Board of Trustees and a position of trusted responsibility.  We are looking for an accountant, CPA, or equivelant experience willing to work with us long term.  We're just starting, so the time commitment should be minimal.
  • Facility Care & Improvement - We have recently teamed up with Benson Oaks Farm in Blacklick, OH to prepare their facility for EAF programs this coming fall.  A beautiful, new indoor arena has been built, but there is still much to do!  If you're handy with repairs...great!  If not...great!  We welcome the extra hands for...  Landscaping - Fence Repairs - Running Weedeater - Cleaning & Organizing - Painting - Building Things

  • Photographer/Videographer - We can never have too many pictures or videos.  We have some equipment, or you can use your own.  If you want to come out and shoot, call or text Maria at (937)554-4116 and we'll set up a time.


Thanks for your support!


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