Would you like to play a part in strengthening our community?

Now, more than ever, there is a need for people to take care of one another.  Equestrian Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, but we are first and foremost PEOPLE who are called to take care of other PEOPLE.  Would you like to join us?

What We Are Doing Now

We have an abundance of knowledge and passion for helping people in need of support as they heal and grow past a variety of traumas and emotional challenges.  We offer equine assisted development services to remind people that they are not alone, they’re stronger than they think, and to help them discover new strategies for taking control of their lives and living with purpose.

We have a dedicated horse facility in a prime location at Benson Oaks Farm in Blacklick, Ohio. The Benson Family has been very generous in supporting our mission.  This is a huge win!  Finding a facility is one of the major challenges of organizations like ours.

We have a small number of wonderful equine assisted horses.  We could use a few more as soon as our budget can support them.

We have dedicated volunteers, who are helping us operate day to day.

What We Are Building

We are putting together programs that will offer defined, regularly scheduled services so that we can optimize our efforts and outreach.  We already have individual counseling and women’s support groups under way. We would like to add a Young Leaders program to mentor promising young people from underserved populations on their path to becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

What We Need

We need PEOPLE with passion and skills.  We do need financial donations, but we really need the minds and experience of PEOPLE who can carry our mission forward.  It takes far more than good intentions to make the kind of impact that Equestrian Arts Foundation is capable of. 

Please share this post to spread the word, or contact me if you can fill one of these volunteer leadership positions.

  • Treasurer – We need a CPA or Accounting business to hold the office of Treasurer and donate their accounting/bookkeeping services.
  • Fundraising – We need 2-4 people who can organize fundraisers and delegate to volunteers
  • Facility – We need 1-2 people who can organize maintenance and improvement projects and delegate to volunteers
  • Events – We need 1-2 people who are natural born party planners and can organize and delegate to volunteers
  • Mission Ambassador – We need 1-2 people to represent Equestrian Arts Foundation as a point of contact for networking and the Advisory Counsel.
  • Social Media Manager – We need 2-4 people to manage our social media accounts and content creation.

We will be calling for hands on volunteers in the near future, so if that sounds like more of a fit for you, stay tuned.

Thanks in advance to all of you who will be joining our efforts to build a culture of connection and wellness in our community!


Warmest Regards,


Maria E. Smith

Equestrian Arts Foundation, President