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  • Intangibles in Horsemanship and Life


    As you may have guessed, there’s no app for the important things in life.  There’s no amount of money that will buy them.  They can’t be won in a competition, lost in a battle, or stolen from you in the night.  They can’t even be gifted to you by someone who wants you to have them.  ...No matter how badly they want you to have them.  You can work hard and sacrifice to get them if you really feel the need,... but it’s not necessary. 

  • PhoenixRear Blog

    Many riders are taught to think of the rider’s aids as “Cues” or commands, like pushing a button on a vending machine or opening an app on your phone.  There is an expectation of, “If I push the right button, I’ll receive what I want.”  In reality, this is no truer of riding horses than making friends, raising children, or closing business deals.