Horse Health

  • Best Saddle Training Age for Horses


    There is so much misinformation and hotly debated opinions surrounding this topic.  This question deserves some clarity for the sake of our young equine athletes.  What's fact?  What's fiction created by those who stand to profit from early starts?  What do you need to know to make the right decision for your horse?

  • How Much Weight Can A Horse Carry


    I just want to say up front that this topic is not meant to make anyone feel badly about their weight.  The question at hand is how to better pair horses and riders so that the weight ratio between them is comfortable for the horse and not causing damage to their bodies in the short or long term.

  • Winter Blanketing Guidelines


    I know that it's tempting to think of horses as big furry humans, but we have to remember that the way their body works is often very different than human physiology.  Taking care of our beloved horses is always a balance between giving them the best that we can and not interfering with solutions that nature already has in place.

    This is an overview of a great article by the University of Minnesota Equine Extension Program.  I love that they give useful numbers as guides!