• Horse Behavior Top 10 Things to Know


    "Why does he do that?"...  "What is she so scared of … there's nothing there!"   Most, if not all, horse owners have been there and asked those questions. Even though we don't always understand equine behavior, there's got to be a reason behind it, right?

    Absolutely. Horses’ behaviors date back to equine evolution, and horse owners greatly benefit from an understanding what goes on in a horse's brain.   Robert Miller, DVM, an equine practitioner and well-known athority on equine behavior, relayed the top 10 things horse owners, caretakers, and riders should understand about how the equine mind functions.

  • Invisible Aids Bareback Bridless Ride


    Imagine a rider who is trotting along on their horse.  Nothing is going horribly wrong, but it's not a particularly pretty picture.  The horse is leaning on the rider's clenched hands, and the rider is trying desperately to sit deeply and drive the horse forward, like their instructor told them.  They dream of being the envy of all who watch, floating effortlessly through one maneuver after another,... but in reality, they feel like two kids wrestling on the floor, fighting over the last cookie.  

  • PhoenixRear Blog

    Many riders are taught to think of the rider’s aids as “Cues” or commands, like pushing a button on a vending machine or opening an app on your phone.  There is an expectation of, “If I push the right button, I’ll receive what I want.”  In reality, this is no truer of riding horses than making friends, raising children, or closing business deals.