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This is an interesting connection that I'm not sure people think of when they use the word "respect" in horse training, but test it out for yourself. Swap them out in a few sentences.

When you respect a person or an idea, you are saying that you believe that they have value and that they are worthy of consideration. You are saying an idea that you respect is serving a purpose and would be missed if it were not there.

When someone wants respect, they want to be seen as valuable and worth of consideration/acceptance. This is very emotionally significant for people, because we assign a certain amount of self-worth and feelings of security according to how much we feel like we belong. And we feel like we belong according to how we're treated.  Not having value in your "tribe" could mean that you will go unprotected and are vulnerable.

So when a horse person says that they need respect from their horse, what are they TRULY wanting?

brain chemicals in trainingIf they can answer that question, it will help them to adjust their training approach to be more clear. If a person can't put it into words for themselves, a horse won't feel it. He'll only read the static and frustration.

Each of the needs below is attached to a different brain chemical, which controls how we address our training issue. (How interesting!) ->

  • If there is fear behind it, because their horse invades their personal space, that is one issue.

  • If the person is not getting the compliance that they want out of the horse in training, that's another issue.

  • And if the person thinks that their horse should like them more, that's another issue.

In any case, "value" is something that is ASSIGNED to something/someone by each person/horse according to what they feel like they need. If a person wants to be seen as valuable to a horse, they have to figure out what the horse needs and provide it so that the horse will assign value to them.

I've never met a horse who felt like they needed more pressure, so that's not a logical solution when a person says that their horse needs to respect them more. Hmmmmm....

If you have a question about a specific training situation involving "respect" and "value", post it on my FB page and I'll write up a separate article in response. It would take a separate article for each of the scenerios that I described.  All interesting topics, for sure!



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