Intangibles in Horsemanship and Life


As you may have guessed, there’s no app for the important things in life.  There’s no amount of money that will buy them.  They can’t be won in a competition, lost in a battle, or stolen from you in the night.  They can’t even be gifted to you by someone who wants you to have them.  ...No matter how badly they want you to have them.  You can work hard and sacrifice to get them if you really feel the need,... but it’s not necessary. 

There’s no shortcut to get to them, and no one perfect path that leads there.  There will never be a shortage of the important things, and they won't lose value.  If you look around and you don't see them, don't worry, they're where they've always been.  They don’t exist in an exclusive club, and no one owns the rights to them.  No one group of people deserves them more than another, and you don’t need permission from anyone to have them… ever.

The fact that it’s hard to define, measure, and control these things is really frustrating to some people.  They may even try to suggest that anything that "can’t be measured" is not important.  If we allow ourselves to get sucked into their measuring systems, award ceremonies, and instant gratification, we may have a hard time coming up with the words to tell them that there is something missing.  The pressure to buy into that idea can be intense at times, and the more we buy in, the more we lose the words.

Viscerally, we know it, though.  You don’t have to be told that you’re in love.  There’s no meter that would measure a person’s willingness to lay down their life for another.  You can’t bottle the feeling that comes over you when something beautiful takes your breath away and moves you to tears.  Ironically, when you finally find the things that everyone is searching for, nothing fills your soul like sharing them with someone else.  In giving them away, you become more.

So, how do you get these intangible things?

The important things in life are contagious.  If you’re around them, you can’t help but get them.  Smiles, laughter, a spirit of generosity, truth, trust, and good will…  From those first symptoms, you can see other important things start to take hold.  …authenticity, self-worth, honor, integrity, excellence, inspiration, collaboration, community, artistry, and fulfillment.  They don’t come on all at once.  You probably won’t remember the moment when you get them.  You’ll just feel the urge to give them to someone else.

By the way, horses are an incredible source of these important things.  They are 1000 pound gurus with all of the answers and no words.  But then smiles, laughter, a spirit of generosity, truth, trust, and good will need no words.  Horse hugs don’t either.  When rider's get it, horses respond with a spirit of generosity that will effortlessly carry even the most lofty horsemanship goals.  But the rider has loosen their grip on the measuring systems, award ceremonies, and instant gratification to find that magic.  It takes trust.

Be a part of the epidemic.  Let your guard down.  Spread the intangibles.  It's worth it.




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