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Maria has been training horses and teaching riders for 30 years, and although dressage is her first love, her experiences span a variety of disciplines.  As a life-long learner, she is constantly continuing her education on topics that support her work, such as: behavioral psychology, bio-mechanics, body work, natural hoof care, saddle fit, and nutrition.

He broad range of knowledge and a keen eye for detail allows Maria to observe a horse and rider, pick up on a multitude of details, and untangle the cause and effect of any issues.  She enjoys the challenge of teaching each rider as an individual and giving them the informaiton that they need in a way that relates to their personal interests and learning style. 

Maria also draws on her years of practice as a martial artist.  She has developed herself to a high level of physical ability.  She has straightened, balanced, strengthened, and stretched her own body.  And she has rehabilitated her own injuries.  When she lays out a gymnastic training program or rehabilitation program for a horse, she is referencing what she knows to work from personal experience on top of the latest science.

Martial Arts practice has also inspired Maria to teach riders about using the power of focus and contolling their "inner energy" as a way of giving the horse better information. Horses are very tuned into this by nature, and it's a game changer when a rider develops this as a skill.

Maria Talks About Her "Why"

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  • "I want to help people remember what it is to love horses like an awe struck child. stand in front of their horse and feel the presence of a soul behind those eyes, and allow that feeling to guide their horsemanship."
  • "I've met too many riders who feel stuck and frustrated or fearful. I want to let them know that learning dressage (or any other discipline) is not difficult when you have the right information. It’s no more difficult than riding a bicycle or teaching a dog to sit and stay. I know that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there and that much of it isn't helpful. My goal is to help people find what they need so that they can relax and enjoy their horses and their journey."
  • "I want to provide the kind of education that creates skilled equestrians in the way that a person might become an accomplished musician, dancer, or athlete. Whatever level they achieve, I want them to feel like they own their hard-earned skills and knowledge, and that they’re proud of the value that it brings to their life, their horse’s life, and to others whom they inspire."

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